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Jackie Holland

Jackie Holland's book Exposed Heart

A jealous rage that leads to ...

This incredible story of money and marriage turns into a lonely nightmare as Jackie Holland chooses wrong relationships with abusive men. The emotional roller coaster causes Holland to break down and shoot her fourth husband in a jealous rage. Out of this storm, she hungers for God and begins a ministry that touches thousands of lives. Now crisscrossing the world in a huge traveling ministry, Jackie Holland shares her past to teach that it’s not too late to refocus your life on healing and hope.

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Jackie Holland Behind Her Brand
Jackie Holland's Dumpsters And Diamonds
Jackie Holland In Her Shoes

BEHIND HER BRAND - A multi-author book where I join many fabulous and inspiring women as we share the story behind our own brand!


God sees you as beautiful jewels and sparkling diamonds not discounted written off or discarded as though your life is not important. His plan is to give you a blessed and beautiful future. Gutsy inspiring true stories that will motivate, captivate and energize you so that you can boldly fulfill your God-given purpose and destiny. You deserve to find true and lasting happiness that will sustain you whatever may come your way.

Your past does not dictate your future, you will become as bold as a lioness because any woman who knows her God will be strong. This captivating and compelling page-turner will cheer you on to achieve your dreams and stir up your visions. You will be empowered to help others from the jailhouse to the penthouse by being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, an arm to lean on and a helping hand.

IN HER SHOES - Behind every trial, behind each of our obstacles, behind every triumph and behind every situation that challenged us lies the lesson that every situation taught us. Each lesson led us to learn more about who we are. Each lesson taught us about what we are made of and how that shapes and defines our identity.

In Her Shoes: Me, Myself & I is a book that is long overdue. It is a collaborative effort of 11 people who have boldly and vulnerably shared their stories of trials and tribulations, triumphs and victories that have weaved their path in being who they are today.

I know you will find someone in this book that is just like you. Every person in this book has stepped through fear and doubt and have had to overcome obstacles along the way. I think they all share one hope for you. Their hope is that you will read each of their stories, learn from their journeys, celebrate their victories but more importantly, they want you to be encouraged that despite all they have been through, they are proud of the lives they have designed for themselves.

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