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Jackie Holland

Jackie's Blog

Promises Forgotten Will Soon Be Remembered

November 20, 2018

I want to encourage both men and women today that God has not overlooked you nor has he forgotten the promises made. When God chooses to bless a person or work, no man or mountain on this earth can stop him.

You may have felt overlooked and that little voice in your mind screamed it's over, you can never attain your dreams, you just need to settle for what you have. He may have accused you of failure, lack of knowledge or stuck in your situations in life and might as well give up. Well the devil is a liar, what God promised he will surely bring to pass.

You have surely suffered struggled and been misunderstood, but that situation is coming to a halt. The Lord is your vindicator and your validator. He seems to love shocking the minds of the wise and using foolish things to confound them. Get ready for your deliverance and day of promise is at hand.  Life is not always easy but God is good, everything you have suffered has made you the person you are today, strong secure, focused. PTL!

God bless your life, family and work!

Jackie Holland