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Jackie Holland

Our Ministries

Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries is dedicated to reaching out to hurting people from all walks of life: the downtrodden, the unlovely, and the forgotten of society, including people in the adult entertainment industry. To help people who have fallen into the ditch of despair, to give them a time of refreshing, hope and to restore them to God’s original purpose for their lives.

"Your past does not have to dictate your future. When God's hand is on you, He will open doors that no man can open and will set you before kings and priests."

Jackie Holland

Jackie Holland

Our Commitments

Identify the needs of the hurting of our community.

Implement services to address those needs to help people back on the road to self-sufficiency and productivity.

Provide services to the hurting from all walks of life with kindness and gentleness with respect to their intrinsic dignity as human beings.

Work with other ministries and service organizations to optimize services to the community.

Identify and develop the giftings and abilities of our volunteers so they may effectively minister to the needs of the hurting and use their God-given abilities to their fullest extent.

Connect and network with women in the area who are working with hurting women that we might work together – restored women restoring other women.

Provide a safe and peaceful environment that will optimize our effectiveness to our clients and volunteers.

Develop prototypes for other organizations wishing to develop outreaches to their community.

We Provide

Practical Ministry Training School

Jail and Prison Visitation

Gift Basket Ministry

Nursing Home Visitation

Television Show

We Provide

Practical Ministry Training School

Jail and Prison Visitation

Gift Basket Ministry

Nursing Home Visitation

Television Show


Jackie Holland’s vision is to reach out to hurting people from all walks of life. She knows first-hand the pain of abuse. Married at 15, Jackie soon experienced the pain of domestic violence.

Her husband beat her regularly during their 4 years of marriage. She finally found the courage to leave him but a lack of healing in her own life led her right into another abusive marriage. Physical, mental and verbal abuse only continued. Jackie wed 3 more abusive husbands. She came to realize that a man was not the solution to her problems.

Step by step, Jackie turned her back on her old life and her life turned around. Father’s Day 1987 she found that good food was being discarded by local grocery stores.

Jackie began by personally crawling into the dumpster behind the grocery stores to retrieve the valuable food and distributing it to needy people living in the immediate area. This humble act became the Care Ministry at Restoration Church, Euless, Texas which today dispenses food to hundreds of hungry people every week.

Jackie has served, counseled, cried with literally thousands of hurting people over the years. She had to walk through her own healing process alone, with no support and she is burdened by the thought of another woman suffering alone, feeling abandoned, rejected, and used up.

As a result of her experiences and her commitment to the vision God placed within her, to minister to hurting people from all walks of life – body, soul, and spirit Jackie founded Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries in 1991.

Every day we receive calls from hurting women, women who need a healing touch, who have lost loved ones, who need encouragement, comfort and hope. Many are in difficult relationships, depressed, addicted to drugs or alcohol.

History Cont'd

Some work in the sex industry who want to quit their lifestyle but find it difficult because of the money they make and yet, they want to be free. Whatever the reason or circumstance we want to reach out to hurting women from all walks of life and every age group and meet their needs by being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, an arm to lean on a helping hand and to assist women who would like to change their lives to become healthy, positive, and constructive members of our society personally and professionally.

This requires many women with varied talents working together to strengthen, encourage and build up hurting women as they walk through the healing process towards their recovery and God-given destiny.

One young Christian woman from India called one day sobbing so incoherently it took some time to find out why she was calling. As she poured out her heart she shared that she was in a arranged marriage with a man who although not physically abusive forbid her to attend church.

She was so miserable and depressed without Christian fellowship she wanted to end her life. A volunteer was able to pray for her and her husband until peace came and offered to be available when she needed a Christian friend and prayer.

A young mother of three called very distraught. Her twelve year marriage ended in divorce. She lost her job. Following her divorce, she engaged in a two year illicit relationship which ended with her being hospitalized and placed under psychiatric care for an emotional breakdown.

She was in despair when she called. She felt she had no hope and nothing to look forward to since she had failed at everything. The volunteer invited her to the Women’s Support Group and the Food Outreach at the Care Ministry and was able to minister to her, pray for her and lead her to the Lord-which totally changed her life.

We Need You!

I Challenge You

Unfortunately, today many women will not share the difficulties they are going through for fear that they will be exploited or exposed. We are surrounded by hurting women suffering alone and in isolation. Together we can make a difference touching lives one person at a time. We have many volunteer ministry opportunities available:

It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work! We Need You!

Together We Can Make a Difference! We Need:

  • Intercessors/Volunteers
  • Trainers/Teachers
  • Monthly Financial Partners
  • Grant Writers
  • Special Projects-Gift Baskets, etc.
  • New Women's Clothing
  • Good Working - New or Used - Cars and Trucks

Personal Testimonies

"Hi, I’m Donna, the youngest of 5, mother of 6, and grandmother of 1. I have been in jail most of my life. Not one run by the State. I built this one myself. Looking for love and a place to fit led to a life of drugs, abuse, food, sex, everything to excess. I do nothing halfway. But one great day I found the keys to my cell. I had just been on a crazy binge. I did so much speed I couldn’t even see. I had spent all the money for my kids' new house. I failed them again. I hurt so bad.

I was in line to get food at the ministry. Jackie Holland walked over to me and said she wanted to talk to me. I wanted to run and hide. I was so ashamed. She asked me what was going on. Before I could even answer she said, “It doesn’t matter. God is gonna deliver you today”. She put her hands on my head and asked Him. I felt His love wash over me. He did not judge me. The cell door flew open. I’ve found the love I always wanted. God has blessed me so much since them. Your friend, Donna R."

Be a part of transforming lives. Generously give today online at We exist solely on gifts from loving people like you. Help us help others as we reach out to those whom others will not touch. Giving online is secure and easy.