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Jackie Holland

Listen to Jackie Teach & Share from God's Word

Jackie Holland Shares Her Key to Overcoming Stage 4 Cancer

Tune in as Jackie shares her testimony on overcoming cancer.

Does Life End with Cancer? No It Just Begins:

Jackie Holland - The Journey Continues

I Have Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, Now What?

When life overwhelms you, do you run or stand up for the fight?

Jackie Holland Testimony

Jackie shares her personal testimony from her book "Exposed Heart"

Jackie and the Queen of Buganda Interview

Jackie Holland interviews with the Queen of Buganda

God loves Whosoever

Tune in as Jackie teaches on: LOVE

He is There - Overcoming Abuse and Rejection

A true story of a woman's search for love.

Exposed Heart - Chapter One

Tune in as Jackie shares excerpts from her book.

How to Start Outreach Ministry

Tune in with Jackie Holland

"Upscale Thrift": Jackie Holland's Journey (Pt.1)

Tune in with Jackie Holland

Do You Need a Friend?

Tune in as Jackie teaches on: GIVING


Tune in as Jackie teaches on: TEMPTATION


Tune in as Jackie teaches on: REJECTION

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